Daily Inspiration

Giving Time to God

This is what came to me when I quieted my mind and listened:

Let your mind relax… Just let go… Hand over all the meaning that you give to everything… Just relax and let simple, uncomplicated Love take over…

Let yourself remember that no matter what your “life” looks like, you are still in the Mind of God… You are still in God because your are part of God… God is pure Love and therefore you are pure Love eternally… You are changeless Love, full of peace, joy and happiness… Let yourself feel the changeless peace of your true Identity…

Just relax and let the truth of What you are and Where you are return to your awareness… Your mind is open to your one true Self…

This is how you give time to God… This is how you receive the truth of what Is now and forever… This is how you know that nothing has happened to change God’s one Son… Give time to God today and in return you will receive a deep awareness of Love’s Presence and Love’s peace.

Rest in God means letting go of control, letting go of trying to make the world fit my own personal liking. The idea of “personal liking” comes from the ego thought system of being separate and alone. Making a world to my own liking requires constant attention. It is a refusal to accept what I was created to be; it is a constant defense against Love.

This ongoing defense is so exhausting that I have to sleep for about eight hours every day just to recuperate from all the effort and prepare for another day of defense. This is the daily cycle of the ego’s world. All this is laid by when I let myself rest in God. I still seem to need sleep because I have not fully let go and let God. But the more I let go, the more I am at peace. The more I let go of trying to control my little domain, the more I feel God’s limitless Love as my own.

Today I will remind myself often that I rest in God, I am safe, I need no defense.

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