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Holy Spirit Is the Problem Solver, Not You

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  As concerns come up regarding any part of the move, remember not to try to solve them on your own. Develop the strong habit of handing every concern over to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the problem solver, not you.

Step back many times a day, if needed, and let yourself be reminded that you are eternal Spirit and are not limited by a body. Let yourself be reminded that this story you are in is a dream story and when placed it in the Holy Spirit’s gentle Hands, it always leads to awakening to the truth. The Holy Spirit always leads to peace. The Holy Spirit always leads to a feeling of well being and quiet inner joy. If there is anything you want to focus on to wake up, it is this:

I will step back and let Him lead the way. I will not decide what anything means on my own. I would let my mind be purified of all ego thoughts. I would follow; I would not lead.

Practice this consistently every day and you will be returned to the awareness of Heaven. This is where your happiness lies. This is your inheritance. You are being called to return to the awareness of Heaven. In reality you are there now, but you are not aware of it right now. If you practice stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit be in charge of your mind, everything you really want, from Holy Spirit’s perspective, will show up in perfect timing. This is your answer to every concern. Amen.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Throughout your day, stay in peace and ask in each moment, “Holy Spirit, what would you have me do? What would you have me say and to whom?” With this practice, you are keeping Holy Spirit in the driver’s seat and you will be letting yourself be carried. You will be in ease because you will be letting the strength of God in you do all that needs to be done. Strain is always a sign that you have decided you are on your own and have denied God’s strength in you. Let that be simply a reminder to return to peace. Let this be the pattern of your every day.

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