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How to Accept God’s Eternal Love

Love does not limit, and what it creates is not limited. To give without limit is God’s Will for you, because only this can bring you the joy that is His and that He wills to share with you. Your love is as boundless as His because it is His.

Could any part of God be without His Love, and could any part of His Love be contained? God is your heritage, because His one gift is Himself. How can you give except like Him if you would know His gift to you? Give, then, without limit and without end, to learn how much He has given you. Your ability to accept Him depends on your willingness to give as He gives. Your fatherhood and your Father are One. God wills to create [extend Love], and your will is His. It follows, then, that you will to create [extend Love], since your will follows from His. And being an extension of His Will, yours must be the same.

…healing is the beginning of the recognition that your will is His. (A Course in Miracles, T-11.I.6:6-7:9;11:9. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

We can only give without limit what we have been given and accepted without limit. God created His Son by extending His Love without limit. For His Love to remain limitless, His Son must also create by extending His Love without limit. This is how the unity of God’s limitless Love is maintained eternally.

This unified creation, extending all Love to all, cannot be understood in the dream of separation, which is a dream in which everything is defined by its limits. It is impossible to give without limit what is defined as limited and not suffer loss. This is why “giving” in the world is really a negotiation to get something of equal “value” in return for what we give.

If we believe we are not getting acceptable value for what we give, we believe we are being asked to sacrifice. And because we believe our will opposes God’s Will, we believe His Will demands sacrifice of what we treasure. Yet it is we who are “sacrificing” the joy and peace of His Love by attempting to limit Love’s creation. We learn to accept God’s gift of all His Love by forgiving the judgments that deny our brothers’ innocence. This releases the barriers to recognizing Love’s eternal Presence in our mind.

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