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How to Be in the World, But Not of It

Truth has a power far beyond defense, for no illusions can remain where truth has been allowed to enter. And it comes to any mind that would lay down its arms, and cease to play with folly. It is found at any time; today, if you will choose to practice giving welcome to the truth.

We [begin] with a healing prayer, to help us rise above defensiveness, and let truth be as it has always been:

Sickness is a defense against the truth.
I will accept the truth of what I am,
and let my mind be wholly healed today.

Healing will flash across your open mind, as peace and truth arise to take the place of war and vain imaginings. There will be no dark corners sickness can conceal, and keep defended from the light of truth. There will be no dim figures from your dreams, nor their obscure and meaningless pursuits with double purposes insanely sought, remaining in your mind. It will be healed of all the sickly wishes that it tried to authorize the body to obey.”

Give instant remedy, should this occur, by not allowing your defensiveness to hurt you longer. Do not be confused about what must be healed, but tell yourself:

I have forgotten what I really am, for I mistook my body for myself.
Sickness is a defense against the truth. But I am not a body.
And my mind cannot attack. So I can not be sick.
(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 136, W-pI.136.14;15:5-16:4;20. See also ACIM Lesson 136 Insights.)

Identifying with the body as our identity is a defense against the truth that our Identity is the one Mind of Love. The body is a constructed image made by the ego thought system of separation. It uses the body to set a limit on what we are, separating us from our Reality in Love’s oneness. But the body is wholly neutral with no meaning of its own.

If we accept the ego’s purpose to maintain separation, the body will be sick because we are using it to support the insane mind’s belief that separation is real. If we accept the Holy Spirit’s purpose for the body, it is no longer seen as our identity. It becomes an instrument of communication in the dream of separation used to bring the message of our true Identity as God’s Son.

If we observe that our mind is harboring attack thoughts, judging or making plans against uncertainties to come, we need to remind ourselves that the body is not our identity. We are Love in the Mind of Love. With this practice we are able to live in the world without being of the world.

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