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How to Find the Love We Seek

Father, I will but to remember You.

What can I seek for, Father, but Your Love? ²Perhaps I think I seek for something else; a something I have called by many names. ³Yet is Your Love the only thing I seek, or ever sought. ⁴For there is nothing else that I could ever really want to find. ⁵Let me remember You. ⁶What else could I desire but the truth about myself?

This is your will, my brother. ²And you share this will with me, and with the One as well Who is our Father. ³To remember Him is Heaven. ⁴This we seek. ⁵And only this is what it will be given us to find. (A Course in Miracles, W-231. See also ACIM Lesson 231 Insights.)

The ego does not want God’s Love. In fact, if God’s Love were to be accepted, the ego would no longer seem to exist. As long as we give our allegiance to the ego, we will feel a need to search for Love. But the ego will always direct us to look where it cannot be found. The best it can offer is a form of specialness that does not satisfy our longing to remember our Source, to remember Love.

That inner yearning for Love comes from our will to remember our Creator. Our heart’s desire is to awaken to the Love we are. We want to see the Love that is the truth in every brother. We want to remember we are Love. The only thing that interferes with this certainty is the wish for specialness.

It is time to forgive this mistaken wish. It appears in many forms. We need to forgive the images of separation we perceive in the world. They are not real. They represent our denial of the Love we are. As we let Christ’s vision be our Guide, we see the truth of eternal Love everywhere and in everything. This is how we remember God and our Self.

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