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How to Lead the Good Life

Once you accept His plan as the one function that you would fulfill, there will be nothing else the Holy Spirit will not arrange for you without your effort. He will go before you making straight your path, and leaving in your way no stones to trip on, and no obstacles to bar your way. Nothing you need will be denied you. Not one seeming difficulty but will melt away before you reach it. You need take thought for nothing, careless of everything except the only purpose that you would fulfill. As that was given you, so will its fulfillment be. God’s guarantee will hold against all obstacles, for it rests on certainty and not contingency. It rests on you. And what can be more certain than a Son of God? (A Course in Miracles, T-20.IV.8:4-12. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

Because God’s Will for us is perfect happiness, to live the good life is to live the Life we share with God. A life of perfect peace and quiet, eternal joy cannot be found in the world of separation. The world can only offer us illusions, which can never fulfill our hearts desire.

The desire of our true Self is to be and extend Love and nothing else. We cannot do this while we identify with the body as our identity. It is a false image that hides our true Self from our awareness. It is time to shift our allegiance from belief in a false image to the acceptance of our Reality as an extension of the Love of God. To do this we need help from outside the thought system that made the world we experience in a body.

To lead the good life, we need to follow the Guide Who knows what it is. As we practice letting the Holy Spirit clean our thoughts of false images by showing us the truth that lies beyond them, we move into the Life of Love we share with God. Today we ask our inner Guide to help us see the Love behind all images.

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