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In Humility We Accept God’s Limitless Love

Let us today be truly humble, and accept what we have made as what it is. ²The power of decision is our own. ³Decide but to accept your rightful place as co-creator of the universe, and all you think you made will disappear. ⁴What rises to awareness then will be all that there ever was, eternally as it is now. ⁵And it will take the place of self-deceptions made but to usurp the altar to the Father and the Son.

…truth is humble in acknowledging its mightiness, its changelessness and its eternal wholeness, all-encompassing, God’s perfect gift to His beloved Son. ⁴We lay aside the arrogance which says that we are sinners, guilty and afraid, ashamed of what we are; and lift our hearts in true humility instead to Him Who has created us immaculate, like to Himself in power and in love.

³The power of decision is my own. ⁴This day I will accept myself as what my Father’s Will created me to be.

²God’s Voice will answer, for He speaks for you and for your Father. ³He will substitute the peace of God for all your frantic thoughts, the truth of God for self-deceptions, and God’s Son for your illusions of yourself. (A Course in Miracles, W-152.8;9:3-4;11:3-4;12:2-3. See also ACIM Lesson 152 Insights.)

It is arrogant to believe that we are guilty. It is arrogant to believe that anyone is guilty. It is arrogant because we are telling ourselves that we are right and God is wrong about us. This is the denial of truth.

We are free to choose right now, in this instant, to accept that we remain as God created us. This thought terrifies the ego, for if it were without reservation, the ego would simply cease to seem to be. In its defense the ego tells us that if we accept what God has given us, we will lose our identity and we will cease to exist. To the extent that we believe the ego, we hang on to our belief in guilt.

But God has given us His Voice to teach us there is truly no justification for guilt. Our Teacher offers us lessons every day and every minute to show us what we thought has happened to justify guilt had no effect whatsoever. The Love of our true Self remains unchanged forever. As we accept our Teacher’s lessons, our sense of guilt diminishes. Our depression fades to be replaced by increasing joy and deeper states of peace.

We will let go of our arrogance today as we accept God’s gift of eternal Love to us as His beloved Son.

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