Daily Inspiration

In Peace Is Every Concern Quietly Resolved

Holy Spirit to Robert:  You have said that you want to awaken. Your awakening seems to be gradual and take time only because your dedication to awakening is not wholehearted. You still think there are things in the world that are valuable. The appearance of delay and of awakening seeming to take time does not matter in eternity. God knows you remain has He created you and He has not changed His mind. But delay while you believe you are in time simply prolongs the pain that comes with belief that you are separate from Love.

I am always here in your heart and mind to help you see what is valueless and what is valuable. I will never leave you comfortless. I need only your willingness to see differently. When you offer Me that willingness, I can offer you the gift of true perception in exchange. Thus will you learn where lasting value lies.

Let today be another day of practice of bringing all your perceptions to Me for interpretation. This willingness opens your heart and mind to learning what you cannot teach yourself. I will teach you the way to freedom and to happiness. That is My only function. Walk and see with Me today and you will learn of your true Self. Together we will move gently forward on the quiet journey Home.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  No matter what concerns come up, hand them over to your Source of peace within for healing. Go to your Source of peace within frequently today. Let your mind and heart fill to overflowing with peace. Let peace take over your mind and fill it with Light. And from this Source of Light is every concern quietly resolved.

Your Source of peace is unending. It will never fail you. It has all your answers for every concern that seems to come your way. Health is inner peace. Happiness is inner peace. Accept the peace that is yours now and for eternity.

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