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Learning How to Love

…the miracle… means that you have understood that dreams are dreams; and that escape depends, not on the dream, but only on awaking. Could it be some dreams are kept, and others wakened from? The choice is not between which dreams to keep, but only if you want to live in dreams or to awaken from them. Thus it is the miracle does not select some dreams to leave untouched by its beneficence. You cannot dream some dreams and wake from some, for you are either sleeping or awake. And dreaming goes with only one of these.

The dreams you think you like would hold you back as much as those in which the fear is seen. For every dream is but a dream of fear, no matter what the form it seems to take. The fear is seen within, without, or both. Or [fear] can be disguised in pleasant form. But never is it absent from the dream, for fear is the material of dreams, from which they all are made.

The core of dreams the Holy Spirit gives is never one of fear. The coverings may not appear to change, but what they mean has changed because they cover something else. …A shadow figure who attacks becomes a brother giving you a chance to help, if this becomes the function of the dream. And dreams of sadness thus are turned to joy. (A Course in Miracles, T-29.IV.1:3-2:5;5:3-4,6-7. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

It is helpful to remember that the Holy Spirit recognizes only Love or calls for Love. Dreams with its shadow figures of fear are recognized as calls for Love. Thus the Holy Spirit gives a new purpose to dreams of fear by answering them with His loving helpfulness.

This new purpose makes every moment an opportunity to demonstrate the reality of Love. This is the miracle that transforms dreams of fear to happy dreams of joining with the Love in our brothers. From the happy dream of Love welcomed through forgiveness, waking to our Home in the Heaven of God’s Love is the natural outcome.

Let us join today in the practice of asking the Holy Spirit to teach us how to Love.

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