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Learning to Trust Love’s Vision

You see the flesh or recognize the spirit. ²There is no compromise between the two. ³If one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite. ⁴There is no choice in vision but this one. ⁵What you decide in this determines all you see and think is real and hold as true. ⁶On this one choice does all your world depend, for here have you established what you are, as flesh or spirit in your own belief. ⁷If you choose flesh, you never will escape the body as your own reality, for you have chosen that you want it so. ⁸But choose the spirit, and all Heaven bends to touch your eyes and bless your holy sight, that you may see the world of flesh no more except to heal and comfort and to bless.

Salvation is undoing. ²If you choose to see the body, you behold a world of separation, unrelated things, and happenings that make no sense at all. ³This one appears and disappears in death; that one is doomed to suffering and loss. ⁴And no one is exactly as he was an instant previous, nor will he be the same as he is now an instant hence. ⁵Who could have trust where so much change is seen, for who is worthy if he be but dust? ⁶Salvation is undoing of all this. ⁷For constancy arises in the sight of those whose eyes salvation has released from looking at the cost of keeping guilt, because they chose to let it go instead.

Salvation does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. ²It merely asks that this should be your choice.” (A Course in Miracles, T-31.VI.1:1–3:2. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

In the process of waking up to the truth of What we are, we seem to have dual vision. The split mind identifies with the body and the images it sees in the world. It depends on this way of seeing to maintain its seeming existence.

The part of our mind that knows Love’s oneness sees only Itself everywhere. To awaken from the dream of separation, we need prefer Love’s vision over the what the body’s eyes seem to see. When we recognize that we are responding to what we perceive through the body, we pause and ask for help to see past the perception to the spirit that is the oneness of Love. By choosing to accept this help, we forgive the world for what we thought it was. We welcome the Light of Love.

As we emphasize seeing through the forgiving eyes of Love today, we take great strides toward awaking from the dream.

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