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Learning What Forgiveness Means

How holy am I, who have been given the function of lighting up the world! Let me be still before my holiness. In its calm light let all my conflicts disappear. In its peace let me remember Who I am.

Some specific forms for applying this idea when special difficulties seem to arise might be:

Let me not obscure the light of the world in me.
Let the light of the world shine through this appearance.
This shadow will vanish before the light.

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. It is through accepting my function that I will see the light in me. And in this light will my function stand clear and perfectly unambiguous before my sight. My acceptance does not depend on my recognizing what my function is, for I do not yet understand forgiveness. Yet I will trust that, in the light, I will see it as it is.

Specific forms for using this idea might include:

Let this help me learn what forgiveness means. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 81, W-pI.81.1:2-4:2. See also ACIM Lesson 81 Insights.)

Every moment is an opportunity to learn what forgiveness means. Our inner Teacher is always ready to show us the truth beyond appearances. We just have to be willing to offer our perceptions to Him and receive His loving correction. His Light will shine away the dark shadows of the ego thought system that keep the Light of Love from our awareness.

We can strengthen our willingness by reminding ourselves frequently that we want help to see past appearances. We want to understand what true forgiveness means. We want to see the innocence of Love instead of the guilt and fear the ego projects. As we learn the Holy Spirit’s lessons in forgiveness, we join with Him in being a messenger of Light and Love.

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