Daily Inspiration

Let Truth Replace Illusions

In our reading in the Workbook today, this stood out to me: “Father… I am surrounded by Your Love, forever still, forever gentle and forever safe.” (W-pII.272.1:7)

This is very comforting to me. It is helpful to remember this when things in the world seem to be disruptive. No matter what appearances the body’s eyes show me, I remain surrounded by God’s Love. The truth in me, the one true Self, cannot be disturbed because It is surrounded by God’s Love.

The part of me that experiences disturbance is a mistaken image of being separate, vulnerable and weak. This comforting sentence reminds me that this image is false. I can let it go with the help of the Voice for God in my mind.

Today I will remind myself often that I am surrounded by the quiet peace of God’s Love. This helps me hold my mind open to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of all the images of the world. It is with this help that I will release the world from all I thought it was and remember my place in the Heart of God. And I give thanks.

There is only one Reality and that is the Reality of Love’s universal oneness. Love extends Love and nothing else. Love’s extension (God’s Son) cannot change from what Love is. My opportunity for today is to let this truth return to my mind. I do this by being open to the truth and being willing to return again and again when I let the world’s distractions replace the truth. Today I ask the Holy Spirit to replace all my illusions with the truth and let my mind be healed today.

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