Daily Inspiration

Letting Love Guide Us to Heaven

The Thought of God created you. ²It left you not, nor have you ever been apart from it an instant. ³It belongs to you. ⁴By it you live. ⁵It is your Source of life, holding you one with it, and everything is one with you because it left you not. ⁶The Thought of God protects you, cares for you, makes soft your resting place and smooth your way, lighting your mind with happiness and love. ⁷Eternity and everlasting life shine in your mind, because the Thought of God has left you not, and still abides with you.

Deny not Heaven. ²It is yours today, but for the asking.

Ask with desire. ²You need not be sure that you request the only thing you want. ³But when you have received, you will be sure you have the treasure you have always sought. ⁴What would you then exchange for it? ⁵What would induce you now to let it fade away from your ecstatic vision? ⁶For this sight proves that you have exchanged your blindness for the seeing eyes of Christ; your mind has come to lay aside denial, and accept the Thought of God as your inheritance. (A Course in Miracles, W-165.2;4:1-2;5. See also ACIM Lesson 165 Insights.)

God is only Love, so His only Thought is Love. Thus our true Self must be only Love. The body’s eyes cannot see Love, for they were made to see only the absence of Love in a dream of separation. If we choose to believe what the body’s eyes see, we choose to be blind to the truth. We are joining with the ego’s denial of God’s Love. But denial does not change God’s Creation—the extension of His Love. It only blocks Love from our awareness.

God’s gift of Heaven needs only our willingness to accept It to know we are in Heaven now. If we are not experiencing the Love, joy and peace of God as ours, it is only because we are denying our true Self.

Today we will remind ourselves frequently that Heaven is ours now. It is our Home and we desire to be at Home now. We want to rest in God’s peace and safety. Our heart’s desire is to remember the Love we share with every brother. We want to give Christ’s vision priority over the appearances the body perceives. With this priority, we walk toward Heaven with Love as our Guide.

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