Daily Inspiration

Letting Our Magnificent Light Shine

Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you? ²In no fantasy have you ever seen anything so lovely. ³Nothing you see here, sleeping or waking, comes near to such loveliness. ⁴And nothing will you value like unto this, nor hold so dear. ⁵Nothing that you remember that made your heart sing with joy has ever brought you even a little part of the happiness this sight will bring you. ⁶For you will see the Son of God. ⁷You will behold the beauty the Holy Spirit loves to look upon, and which He thanks the Father for. ⁸He was created to see this for you, until you learned to see it for yourself. ⁹And all His teaching leads to seeing it and giving thanks with Him.

This loveliness is not a fantasy. ²It is the real world….”

The real world is attained simply by the complete forgiveness of the old, the world you see without forgiveness. ²The great Transformer of perception will undertake with you the careful searching of the mind that made this world, and uncover to you the seeming reasons for your making it. ³In the light of the real reason that He brings, as you follow Him, He will show you that there is no reason here at all. ⁴Each spot His reason touches grows alive with beauty, and what seemed ugly in the darkness of your lack of reason is suddenly released to loveliness. ⁵Not even what the Son of God made in insanity could be without a hidden spark of beauty that gentleness could release. (A Course in Miracles, T-17.II.1:1–2:2;5. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

There is no substitute for the Love of God. Nor is there a substitute for God’s Son, the extension of His Love. But by identifying with the ego, we have made up a false substitute that hides our true Self from our awareness. But this true Self remains untouched by our illusions.

Forgiveness of our illusions is the means to awaken to our true Self, Whose magnificent Light is beyond description in terms this world understands. God’s Love is our Reality. He has given us His Transformer in our mind to lead us back to awareness of our Light. As we follow His lead, we learn to see the loveliness which is the Love that unites us with all that lives. We have one Life and that we live in God.

Today we practice opening to the Light of Love. We are willing to let It shine through every brother. As we see the truth in him, we recognize the Love we are. This is how we bring healing to the world.

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