Daily Inspiration

Listening to Our Best Friend’s Voice

Do you not understand that to oppose the Holy Spirit is to fight yourself? ²He tells you but your will; He speaks for you. ³In His Divinity is but your own. ⁴And all He knows is but your knowledge, saved for you that you may do your will through Him. ⁵God asks you do your will. ⁶He joins with you. …¹¹God is no enemy to you. ¹²He asks no more than that He hear you call Him “Friend.”

How wonderful it is to do your will! ²For that is freedom. ³There is nothing else that ever should be called by freedom’s name. ⁴Unless you do your will you are not free. ⁵And would God leave His Son without what he has chosen for himself? ⁶God but ensured that you would never lose your will when He gave you His perfect Answer. ⁷Hear It now, that you may be reminded of His Love and learn your will.

Look once again upon your enemy, the one you chose to hate instead of love. ²For thus was hatred born into the world, and thus the rule of fear established there. ³Now hear God speak to you, through Him Who is His Voice and yours as well, reminding you that it is not your will to hate and be a prisoner to fear, a slave to death, a little creature with a little life. ⁴Your will is boundless; it is not your will that it be bound. ⁵What lies in you has joined with God Himself in all creation’s birth. (A Course in Miracles, T-30.II.1:1-6,11-12;2:1-7;3:1-5. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The ego tells us that if we accept God’s Will, we will be sacrificing our freedom. But this is just the ego’s projection. In truth, when we identify with the ego and its quest for specialness, we sacrifice our true Will.

We were created by Love as Love. Love’s only desire is to extend Itself without limit. When we accept separation as true, we sacrifice awareness of our eternal unity in the oneness of Love. This sacrifice has left us feeling alone, friendless, weak and fearful. Yet our true Will has never left us.

The Holy Spirit speaks for our Will, which is to be and extend Love without reservation. When we choose to listen to our best Friend’s Voice, we choose freedom. We choose happiness. We choose peace.

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