Daily Inspiration

Listening to Our Appointed Friend

Each day, and every minute in each day, and every instant that each minute holds, you but relive the single instant when the time of terror took the place of love.… And all of time is but the mad belief that what is over is still here and now.

Who dwells with shadows is alone indeed, and loneliness is not the Will of God. Would you allow one shadow to usurp the throne that God appointed for your Friend, if you but realized its emptiness has left yours empty and unoccupied? Make no illusion friend, for if you do, it can but take the place of Him Whom God has called your Friend. And it is He Who is your only Friend in truth. He brings you gifts that are not of this world, and only He to Whom they have been given can make sure that you receive them. He will place them on your throne, when you make room for Him on His. (A Course in Miracles T-26.V.13:1,4;VI.3)

Here we are reminded that everything in this world of time and separate bodies is but illusion. We are reminded that we have a Friend right there in our minds, waiting to lead us out of illusions to the truth.

Today our practice is to open up and pay attention to the Teacher of God within. Receiving His gifts of peace, joy and Love lifts us up out of the shadows of separation to the oneness of Love’s presence, which is everywhere. Our practice is to make room to receive His gifts today.

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