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Nothing Is Ever Worth Getting Our Knickers in a Twist

The ego believes all form is deadly serious, because if form is let go, the ego would seem to cease to exist. The ego is totally unaware of the only real content in anything — Love. So the ego thought system is always seeking to capture our attention with appealing forms. This is part of its strategy to always seek but not find.

Believing we are separate from our Source, we always have an underlying quest to return Home. The ego cannot tolerate this return to truth so it will always seek to distract and redirect us to seek where truth cannot be found. This is what the world is for to the ego.

But the Holy Spirit offers another purpose for the world. To Him its only meaningful purpose is to forgive, to let go of the wish to be separate and unique. In the Holy Spirit’s hands, every moment is a teaching opportunity that will lead us to complete forgiveness, if we are willing to accept His lesson. Every moment can bring us more and more into the Light so that we see only the face of Christ everywhere — we see only innocence. This is how we learn that we indeed remain as God created us.

Today our practice is to be attentive to the Holy Spirit’s lessons and welcome them in each moment. Holy Spirit will help us untwist our knickers.

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