Daily Inspiration

Our Heart’s Desire Is to Remember Love

Father, I will but to remember You.

What can I seek for, Father, but Your Love? Perhaps I think I seek for something else; a something I have called by many names. Yet is Your Love the only thing I seek, or ever sought. For there is nothing else that I could ever really want to find. Let me remember You. What else could I desire but the truth about myself?

This is your will, my brother. And you share this will with me, and with the One as well Who is our Father. To remember Him is Heaven. This we seek. And only this is what it will be given us to find. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 1, W-pII.231. See also ACIM Lesson 231 Insights.)

Everyone in this world is seeking for happiness and peace. Under the ego’s direction, we look for these in the form of things we possess, relationships, a safe environment, status, etc. These forms are illusionary substitutes for the Love of God we have forgotten is already ours.

Sometimes the substitutes bring temporary satisfaction. But because these substitutes are unreal, satisfaction never lasts. And so we try again but never really find, because the ego’s goal is always to seek but not find the eternal Love that is already ours. The ego believes that if we remember His Love, the ego will be dispelled. It is correct about this, for the ego is the denial of Love.

Because our true Will is to remember God’s Love, we will never be satisfied with anything less. The way to remember our Father is to forgive, or forget, all that the ego has tried to convince us to believe. Each time we let the Holy Spirit help us see past the images of the world to the Presence of Love, we take another step toward remembering our Father.

Today we practice walking with the Holy Spirit as our Guide. We welcome His help to perceive all things through Christ’s vision because our heart’s desire is to remember God’s Love.

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