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Our Journey Without Distance

²No one created by God can find joy in anything except the eternal; not because he is deprived of anything else, but because nothing else is worthy of him.

There is no question but one you should ever ask of yourself;—“Do I want to know my Father’s Will for me?” …⁴Our function is to work together, because apart from each other we cannot function at all. ⁵The whole power of God’s Son lies in all of us, but not in any of us alone.

³We cannot be separated. ⁴Whom God has joined cannot be separated, and God has joined all His Sons with Himself. ⁵Can you be separated from your life and your being? ⁶The journey to God is merely the reawakening of the knowledge of where you are always, and what you are forever. ⁷It is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed. ⁸Truth can only be experienced. ⁹It cannot be described and it cannot be explained. ¹⁰I can make you aware of the conditions of truth, but the experience is of God. ¹¹Together we can meet its conditions, but truth will dawn upon you of itself. (A Course in Miracles, T-8.VI.3:2;8:1,4-5;9:3-11. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

We cannot be alone. But we can dream that we are alone and on our own. The dream is caused by our belief and wish for separation. This wish needs to be undone for us to awaken to our Reality as one with every brother and God in His Love. Our function while we believe we are in this world is to let go of the beliefs that stand as a barrier against the awareness of Love’s presence.

The way to undo the barriers to Love is through true forgiveness. We cannot forgive on our own alone because we are not alone in truth. We need the help of the Holy Spirit Who knows the truth and can see our mistaken beliefs but not believe them.

Our role in forgiveness is to diligently turn over every perception that disturbs our peace of mind. The Holy Spirit knows what to do with our misperceptions. He offers us Christ’s vision to bring us true perception that sees past our false beliefs to the presence of Love in everyone and everywhere.

Today we practice bringing our perceptions to the Holy Spirit with willingness to receive the Holy Spirit’s replacement to show us our Reality in Love’s oneness.

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