Daily Inspiration

Our Need to Remember Love

Today I let Christ’s vision look upon all
things for me and judge them not, but
give each one a miracle of love instead.

So would I liberate all things I see, and give to them the freedom that I seek. ²For thus do I obey the law of love, and give what I would find and make my own. ³It will be given me, because I have chosen it as the gift I want to give. ⁴Father, Your gifts are mine. ⁵Each one that I accept gives me a miracle to give. ⁶And giving as I would receive, I learn Your healing miracles belong to me.

Our Father knows our needs. ²He gives us grace to meet them all. ³And so we trust in Him to send us miracles to bless the world, and heal our minds as we return to Him. (A Course in Miracles, W-349. See also ACIM Lesson 349 Insights.)

When we react to what images we perceive in the world do, we are imprisoning ourselves. We can only perceive separate images if we believe we are separate. This process of projected perception keeps us locked into a false world of separation.

Christ’s vision offers us a different way of seeing. It does not use the body’s eyes. Christ’s vision comes from our true Self, which shares the Mind of God. This vision shows us the presence of Love everywhere, always.  As we see past form to Love’s presence, we receive the gift of Love and naturally extend It to the world.

This is our calling, our vocation. For each of us the form Love’s true perception takes in the world is customized to our need to remember the Love we are. The way to accept Love is to forgive our mistaken beliefs in separation. Today we call upon Christ’s vision to see the forgiven world, where Love shines in all. We happily join in the receiving and giving of Love.

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