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Our Only Meaningful Purpose Is to Awaken from the Dream

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  What is our purpose? Why are we dreaming that we are here in this seeming world of separate bodies with separate minds? What is the purpose of the world as defined by the Holy Spirit, and what is our true purpose while it appears that we are here?

We are now learning that our only meaningful purpose is to awaken from the dream of individuality and join with our brothers to do the same. We now know that as we join with our brothers, we are really joining ourselves, for we don’t go Home alone. We are learning that we are one, not many. The simplicity of awakening to the truth is evident as we give our minds over to the Holy Spirit to be purified of all insane ideas of separation.

Because we have joined with an insane thought system, we now know that we need to listen in quiet to our true Self, Who will bring us out of our insanity. We cannot do it on our own. We must be willing to recognize all our private, individual opinions and hand them over to the Holy Spirit to be shown their meaninglessness. We have valued the valuless and now we need a Teacher Who will show us where all true value lies. It takes our consistent willingness to be shown the difference between what is really valueless and what is truly valuable. We are trainable. We are willing to learn from our inner Teacher Who is always there in our minds, waiting for us to be quiet and receptive.

Now we know that this is what time is for — to let our minds be purified of all the confusion and conflict found in the ego’s state of mind. As we are willing, the Holy Spirit helps us undo this confusion, which brings us peace of mind.

The Holy Spirit also will shows us how to be truly helpful in an insane world where separate interests are thought to mean anything. It is the Holy Spirit That will show us the reality of our oneness behind the senseless images of differences the ego formulates. It is the Holy Spirit That awakens us to the truth in a way that helps everyone lost in thinking the dream of individuality is real.

Now we know that our one job is to step back and wait on insight from the one Self That knows how to be truly helpful in every situation. When allowed into our minds, the Holy Spirit always paves the way to true and lasting happiness, to accepting our inheritance as a Son of God.

We are God’s One Son, ready and willing to let our minds be healed of all our wild imaginings of individuality. We would follow; we would not lead. We are willing to do it Your way, Holy Spirit, not our own. In order to do it Your way, we know we must be still and listen. We are ready and willing to do this now.

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