Daily Inspiration

Receiving the Light of Truth

I received a metaphorical image today that helps me understand what I need to do to awaken. It is a variation of the two pictures described in the A Course in Miracles Text.

I saw myself in a room that had two display screens. One was like a 14 inch television. It has an infinite number of channels that I can tune to to display all kinds of stories. Happy stories, sad stories, painful, dramatic, traumatic, attack and defend, isolated — the list goes on and on. I sit close to this screen and all the drama captivates my attention.

The other display dominates the room. This one I will call tele-experience. It offers me more than images. It offers me the experience of oneness and Light. If I give it my full attention, I am in joy beyond this world, deep peace that cannot be disturbed and joined in Love with all that is. It is an experience that is all encompassing. With my full attention, the display disappears and it becomes a total experience.

The part of me that focuses on the little television with all its channels of drama may look up occasionally and observe the other screen. But with eyes dedicated to seeing images, the other screen appears dull and boring because all it displays appears on the surface to be only light—no action or drama. The seeing that is dedicated to seeing images cannot take in what is offered by tele-experience.

But as I offer this all encompassing screen more of my attention, I let in more of the experience it offers. The dramatic images of the television have less appeal and are less distracting as I experience the limitless joy offered through tele-experience. The Source of the tele-experience channel is the one Self we all share. It is eternally broadcasting this experience to all because It knows that nothing is outside of It.

Today is another opportunity to direct my attention to what our true Self offers in every instant.

What is the purpose for seeing a world of separate bodies? It is to hide the light of truth. Today I practice giving the world I see a new purpose — to see the world through the Light of truth.

Receiving the Light of truth is my main goal today. And what I ask for in my heart of hearts I will receive today. The Light is always there, but the question is, am I willing to receive It? There is only one true purpose for today, and that is to let the Light of truth shine through so that I am able to see Love’s oneness beyond the images of separate forms. This brings me happiness. This brings me peace. What a wonderful opportunity today brings with it as the day is dedicated to truth.

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