Daily Inspiration

Recognizing Where Our Real Value Lies

Today we practice letting go all thought of values we have given to the world. We leave it free of purposes we gave its aspects and its phases and its dreams. We hold [the world] purposeless within our minds, and loosen it from all we wish it were. Thus do we lift the chains that bar the door to freedom from the world, and go beyond all little values and diminished goals.

Pause and be still a little while, and see how far you rise above the world, when you release your mind from chains and let it seek the level where it finds itself at home. It will be grateful to be free a while. It knows where it belongs. But free its wings, and it will fly in sureness and in joy to join its holy purpose. Let it rest in its Creator, there to be restored to sanity, to freedom and to love.” (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 128, W-pI.128.5-6. See also ACIM Lesson 128 Insights.)

The body is an image made by the ego as a substitute for our Identity in God. When we identify with the body as what we are, we deny our Identity in Love and thus experience lack of Love. As long as we identify with the body, we are on a constant search to find the Love we seem to have lost. There is nothing in the world that can replace the Love we are but are unaware of. The ego can only offer empty substitutes which do not satisfy, in keeping with its motto, “seek and do not find.”

Yet there is a way to return to full awareness of the Love we are. We need to let go of all value we place on any form in the world. As we let go of the value we place on the valueless, the experience of the Love we are will return to our awareness. This is where we find true and lasting happiness, God’s eternal gift to His one Son.

Today we practice remembering that the world holds nothing that we want. We open our minds to let the Holy Spirit show us where our real value lies.

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