Daily Inspiration

Release from Fear and Hell

Let us be glad that we can walk the world, and find so many chances to perceive another situation where God’s gift can once again be recognized as ours! And thus will all the vestiges of hell, the secret sins and hidden hates be gone. And all the loveliness which they concealed appear like lawns of Heaven to our sight, to lift us high above the thorny roads we travelled on before the Christ appeared. Hear me, my brothers, hear and join with me. (A Course in Miracles, T-31.VIII.9)

Today our practice is to join with Holy Spirit to receive the gift of Christ’s vision. Here we see the world anew. Here we see past images of being vulnerable, weak and guilty. Here we are shown the Light and Love behind these images. Here we are shown the truth of Love’s oneness behind the illusions of separation. Accepting Love’s oneness brings us peace, joy and happiness. This we are willing to accept today.

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