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Releasing Our Perception of Problems

Think, then, how great your own release will be when you are willing to receive correction for all your problems. You will not keep one, for pain in any form you will not want. And you will see each little hurt resolved before the Holy Spirit’s gentle sight. For all of them are little in His sight, and worth no more than just a tiny sigh before they disappear, to be forever undone and unremembered. What seemed once to be a special problem, a mistake without a remedy, or an affliction without a cure, has been transformed into a universal blessing. Sacrifice is gone. And in its place the Love of God can be remembered, and will shine away all memory of sacrifice and loss.

God cannot be remembered until justice is loved instead of feared. He cannot be unjust to anyone or anything, because He knows that everything that is belongs to Him, and will forever be as He created it. Nothing He loves but must be sinless and beyond attack. Your special function opens wide the door beyond which is the memory of His Love kept perfectly intact and undefiled. And all you need to do is but to wish that Heaven be given you instead of hell, and every bolt and barrier that seems to hold the door securely barred and locked will merely fall away and disappear. For it is not your Father’s Will that you should offer or receive less than He gave, when He created you in perfect love. (A Course in Miracles, T-26.II.7-8. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

Heaven is the experience of oneness in changeless Love. Love is eternally extending Itself. The appearance of lack or loss of any kind is a misperception and therefore not true. The body and the world we experience through the body seems to make loss and lack real. We are released from this limited perception as we consistently practice handing all our perceived problems over to the Holy Spirit for a change in perception.

As we increase our willingness to step back and let our thoughts be transformed by the Holy Spirit, we remember we are safe because we are still Love, as God created us. In reality, nothing has happened to change the Self that God created one with Him.

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