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Remembering Our Oneness in Love

The mind which means that all it wants is peace must join with other minds, for that is how peace is obtained. And when the wish for peace is genuine, the means for finding it is given, in a form each mind that seeks for it in honesty can understand.

We want the peace of God. This is no idle wish. These words do not request another dream be given us. …To mean these words acknowl­edges illusions are in vain, requesting the eternal in the place of shifting dreams which seem to change in what they offer, but are one in nothingness.

Today devote your practice periods to careful searching of your mind, to find the dreams you cherish still. What do you ask for in your heart? Forget the words you use in making your requests. Consider but what you believe will comfort you, and bring you happiness. But be you not dismayed by lingering illu­sions, for their form is not what matters now. Let not some dreams be more acceptable, reserving shame and secrecy for oth­ers. They are one. And being one, one question should be asked of all of them, “Is this what I would have, in place of Heaven and the peace of God?

You choose God’s peace, or you have asked for dreams. And dreams will come as you requested them. Yet will God’s peace come just as certainly, and to remain with you forever. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 185, W-pI.185.6:1-2;7:2-4,6;8;9:4-6. See also ACIM Lesson 185 Insights.)

To experience the peace of God, we must accept the fact that there is only one mind, the Mind of God. Our mind is joined with His and the mind of every brother, who is also one with the Mind of God. In God’s Mind, only perfect peace abides. Our true Self is in His Mind. When we want only the peace of God, we are wanting to accept our true Self as God created It.

The ego’s world of separation makes it appear that there are individuals, separate from each other and from God. This is a dream that could never be true. The fact that it seems real comes from our choice to believe separation is real. When we say, “I want the peace of God” we are affirming that we want to let go of our mistaken belief in separation. We want to remember our oneness with Love in the Mind of God. We are willing to let go of our misperceptions and see with the eyes of Christ.

Today we remind ourselves that we want to remember our oneness in God and accept His peace.

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