Daily Inspiration

Remembering Our True Home

Reason will tell you that the only way to escape from misery is to recognize it and go the other way. Truth is the same and misery the same, but they are different from each other in every way, in every instance and without exception. …One illusion cherished and defended against the truth makes all truth meaningless, and all illusions real. Such is the power of belief.

There is no part of Heaven you can take and weave into illusions. Nor is there one illusion you can enter Heaven with. A savior cannot be a judge, nor mercy condemnation. And [Christ’s] vision cannot damn, but only bless.

Behold the great projection [the world], but look on it with the decision that it must be healed, and not with fear. Nothing you made has any power over you unless you still would be apart from your Creator, and with a will opposed to His. For only if you would believe His Son could be [God’s] enemy does it seem possible that what you made is [your enemy]. You would condemn His joy to misery, and make Him different. And all the misery you made has been your own. Are you not glad to learn it is not true? Is it not welcome news to hear not one of the illusions that you made replaced the truth?

Every illusion brought to …forgiveness is gently overlooked and disappears.

All you need do to dwell in quiet here with Christ is share His vision. Quickly and gladly is His vision given anyone who is but willing to see his brother sinless. (T-22.II.8:1-2,4-5;8:1-4;10;12:7;13:1-2)

The ego is the belief in limited “love.” In the pursuit of specialness, it carefully measures out the amount of love to be given to different individuals. This determined by the value the ego holds for object of this love. This limitation can only seem to occur in a dream that denies the equality and unity of God’s Love.

Christ’s vision sees all things as part of the oneness of God’s Love. It excludes no one and sees no differences. It sees only innocence because it sees no change in the equal sharing of Love. The world we see as a body needs the healing vision that the Christ in us sees clearly.

Today we ask for Christ’s vision to guide all our perceptions, for we would remember our true Home in the Heaven of God’s Love.

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