Daily Inspiration

Remembering the Peace Within

Light and joy and peace abide in me.

²I am the home of light and joy and peace. ³I welcome them into the home I share with God, because I am a part of Him.

I am as God created me.

²I will remain forever as I was, created by the Changeless like Himself. ³And I am one with Him, and He with me. (A Course in Miracles, W-112.1–2. See also ACIM Lesson 112 Insights.)

When we believe the dream in which we are a body is real, it does not seem that light and joy and peace abide in us. Our belief in the dream stands as a barrier against experiencing our Reality.

But when we accept that we are as God created us, we see a different world. We do not give creedance to the body and what it seems to see. Our true Self sees only with the eyes of Love. These eyes are not physical. They are the eyes of Christ, which sees only the Reality of Love. This is the Light in which we see truly.

Today we are called to forgive the wish that made the dream of separation. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can remember we are the Self God created forever one with Himself. We are thankful that we have His help to awaken from the dream and remember we are forever one with our Creator.

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