Daily Inspiration

Restoring Our Mind to Love

Hear, holy Son of God, your Father speak. His Voice would give to you His holy Word, to spread across the world the tidings of salvation and the holy time of peace. We gather at the throne of God today, the quiet place within the mind where He abides forever, in the holiness that He created and will never leave.

He has not waited until you return your mind to Him to give His Word to you. He has not hid Himself from you, while you have wandered off a little while from Him. He does not cherish the illusions which you hold about yourself. He knows His Son, and wills that he remain as part of Him regardless of his dreams; regardless of his madness that his will is not his own.

Today He speaks to you. His Voice awaits your silence, for His Word can not be heard until your mind is quiet for a while, and meaningless desires have been stilled. Await His Word in quiet. There is peace within you to be called upon today, to help make ready your most holy mind to hear the Voice for its Creator speak. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 125, W-pI.125.4-6. See also ACIM Lesson 125 Insights.)

Our true Mind is in the Mind of God, at one with Him eternally. We remember our connection with Him by going to the peace within. Our connection with God is eternal and unbreakable. To hear His Voice guide us in the way of Love, we need only welcome His gift of peace.

In the quietness of His Love, His Voice tells us of the strength given us by God. It reminds us of our safety in Him. It shines the Light of Love on the images we see in the world so that we can see past the forms to the Love that is present everywhere and in everything.

An early workbook lesson instructs us to tell ourselves, “God is in that table or chair.” It is not about the form but about seeing what is beyond the form, changeless and unlimited. No matter what images we conjure with the ego, Love is still present. As we focus in the peace within, His Voice guides us to let go of the barriers to Love’s presence we have believed were real. As the barriers are released, our mind is restored to the oneness of Love.

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