Daily Inspiration

Return to Your Strength

Holy Spirit to Robert:  There is a place in you that is so strong that nothing can disturb its quiet peace. It is your Self. It is with you always because It is What you are, What you were created to be. It cannot be changed. It remains as Love created It. It is What you are in truth.

Practice each day allowing yourself time to settle gently into this core of strength in you. Sink past the cacophony of distractions, remembering that they are nothing but mistaken images that have nothing to do with the strength of What you are. They have no more substance than a cloud. But beyond the cloud is the Light of your strength, shining eternally. Return to It often and let Its Light warm your heart and lighten your way.

The more you practice this, the more you will know with certainty that the clouds of distraction cannot keep you from the place of peace that is your Home. Walk in peace today.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  To find your Self when you have forgotten, take time to relax, breathe deeply and melt into God’s peace. Just let everything else fall away, so that only God’s peace is left. Soften and let go. Continue this letting go process until everything has fallen away but the quiet mind. Pay attention to the quiet mind. Just follow as it leads in quietness. Let your busy mind rest in its quietness today.

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