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Seeing the Light of Love in Everyone

When a mind has only light, it knows only light. Its own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty. The Majesty of God is there, for you to recognize and appreciate and know. Recognizing the Majesty of God as your brother is to accept your own inheritance. God gives only equally. If you recognize His gift in anyone, you have acknowledged what He has given you. (A Course in Miracles, T-7.XI.5:1-6. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The ego is the denial of Light. We cannot know the Light we are while we believe we are the ego. Nor can we recognize the Light of Love in our brothers because the ego cannot see the presence of Love.

To see the Light of Love in anyone we must use a different way of seeing — we must use Christ’s vision, the vision of our true Self. This vision is not seen with the body’s eyes. It comes from within, from the part of our mind that remembers our eternal unity with the Source of Love.

Holy Spirit, help me release my attachment to the ego’s way of seeing. I am willing to let it go. My heart’s desire is to see the Light of Love You see, to recognize it in all my brothers and to learn that it is in me. I offer you all my thoughts with willingness to let You wash them clean of the dark images of denial. I welcome these cleaned thoughts, which show me only the presence of Love.

I desire to be Love’s messenger. I desire to offer only Love in response to calls for Love. I desire to join with the Love that is eternal, now and everywhere. I am grateful for Your help.

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