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Shifting Your Allegiance from Ego to Holy Spirit’s Vision

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Remember that the ego is the thought of separation. All it can do is make up separate images. It “thinks” in images and cannot conceive of formless limitlessness. So as you practice opening to Holy Spirit’s inspiration, the ego will always attempt to interpret His inspiration in terms of images. Then, because the images the ego makes have no real substance, the ego tries to latch on to the images it makes and is unwilling to let them change. This is how the ego tries to establish stability in the unstable dreams it makes.

Your job as you practice letting Holy Spirit guide you is to stay soft with the images of the world. As A Course in Miracles says, the Holy Spirit sees the images of the world but does not believe them. You must do the same in order to follow Holy Spirit’s guidance. This is a completely different way of being in the world than you have taught yourself as you identified with the ego. You are shifting your allegiance from the ego thought system to the Holy Spirit’s Vision. Of course this takes practice.

You have spent eons practicing the ego’s way of thinking in order to make it real. Because it is not real, this takes great effort. The good news is that because the Holy Spirit’s Vision sees what is real, it takes no effort to see what He sees. The only effort needed is to break an old, tired, worn and threadbare habit that does not serve you. This current activity that you seem to be engaged in of moving your offices is a great exercise in which to practice breaking the old habit. You want to break the habit because deep within you know it is the means to freedom and perfect happiness.

As you see yourself attaching to an image, thinking it represents Holy Spirit’s guidance, practice keeping a gentle touch, a light grasp on the image. Keep an open mind to allow for the image to change. You are still functioning in the world of images. The guidance of the Holy Spirit will be represented in images. Your job is to not try on your own to define the images that represent Holy Spirit’s Vision. They will unfold and come into focus in perfect timing. The Holy Spirit can see in all directions, knowing how everyone is affected, past, present and future, and will guide you in a way that serves the salvation of the world. Of yourself you cannot possibly know this. But as you move in harmony with the Holy Spirit, every step will bless you and the world. It is a joyous journey.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  With all of this, practice staying soft. Allow yourself to remember it is a dream and the only value that the Holy Spirit gives to the dream is its service to the awakening. As you allow your mind to shift from the ego’s frame of reference, you are gently brought to the Holy Spirit’s orientation, which is of wholeness, oneness.

You are most helpful when you stay soft, relaxed and gentle every step of the way. In the Course you are reminded that you can reflect Heaven here. You reflect Heaven as you practice taking every circumstance for Its perspective. You are reminded now to let go of the past, let go of the future and allow yourself to be in the eternal present. Give yourself the gift of allowing yourself to soak in Holy Spirit’s “Jacuzzi” of remembering the truth of your true Identity and the Identity of the whole Sonship. This will be of immeasurable help in teaching you how to approach each moment of this dream script which is full of change.

Stay relaxed. Stay open to Holy Spirit’s guidance. Continue to choose peace. When fear thoughts come up, and they will, you need not keep them. You can hand them over right away to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows how to remove the impurities from your mind. When you are troubled by anything, continue to practice stepping back and not deciding what anything means on your own. This practice will carry you through every perceived roadblock as you fulfill your function in the Holy Spirit’s plan of awakening the Sonship from the dream. Stay relaxed. Know that you have all the help you need. Remember you are not alone. Remember, “God is my strength. Vision is His gift.” Amen

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