Daily Inspiration

Take Every Problem to Holy Spirit

The old ego habit is to rely on our past learning as the basis for solving problems perceived in the present. If we look at how this works honestly, we have to admit that this is an inadequate problem solving approach that at best leads to only a temporary appearance of solution. It is time to let go of this faulty problem solving approach. We have been given a better way.

Today we practice using this better way. We dedicate this day to bringing all perceived problems or needs to the Holy Spirit. We release them to Him with willingness to receive His inspiration. We set aside old, stale ideas from the past about what might work. We are willing to clear our minds to receive a better way — a way that expresses the Love and unity that is the truth in everyone. The Holy Spirit will always lead us to do what is in the best interest and truly helpful for everyone. This is Love’s reflection in the world.

As we let the Holy Spirit guide us moment by moment, we bypass meaningless diversions and futile pursuits. Holy Spirit is the master time manager. He uses every moment to lead us on the express route to awakening to our true Identity. We dedicate today to following Holy Spirit’s lead.

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