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The Antidote for Unworthiness

Whenever you choose to make decisions for yourself you are thinking destructively, and the decision will be wrong. It will hurt you because of the concept of decision that led to it. It is not true that you can make decisions by yourself or for yourself alone. No thought of God’s Son can be separate or isolated in its effects. Every decision is made for the whole Sonship, directed in and out, and influencing a constellation larger than anything you ever dreamed of.

It will never happen that you must make decisions for yourself. You are not bereft of help, and Help that knows the answer. Would you be content with little, which is all that you alone can offer yourself, when He Who gives you everything will simply offer it to you? He will never ask what you have done to make you worthy of the gift of God. Ask it not therefore of yourself. Instead, accept His answer, for He knows that you are worthy of everything God wills for you. Do not try to escape the gift of God He so freely and so gladly offers you. He offers you but what God gave Him for you. You need not decide whether or not you are deserving of it. God knows you are. (A Course in Miracles, T-14.III.9;11. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

Everyone in the world who believes they are a body with a separate identity feels they are unworthy. This is because this belief is the denial of the gift of worthiness given us by God. God’s Son is worthy because he is united with his Creator. It is impossible that God could judge part of Himself as unworthy.

The antidote for unworthiness is to accept God’s opinion of His Creation instead of the ego’s. The ego’s opinion of God’s Son is a false image that could never be real nor have any real effect. We free ourselves from the darkness of the ego by welcoming the Holy Spirit’s loving correction of our mistaken belief that we have disconnected from our Creator.

Today we bring all our thoughts of guilt and fear to the Holy Spirit. We are willing to let His Light shine on our dark thoughts to dispel the darkness and reveal the Light of Love that is the truth in us and everyone.

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