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The Bridge to Truth

There is a very simple way to find the door to true forgiveness, and perceive it open wide in welcome. ²When you feel that you are tempted to accuse someone of sin in any form, do not allow your mind to dwell on what you think he did, for that is self-deception. ³Ask instead, “Would I accuse myself of doing this?”

Thus will you see alternatives for choice in terms that render choosing meaningful, and keep your mind as free of guilt and pain as God Himself intended it to be, and as it is in truth. ²It is but lies that would condemn. ³In truth is innocence the only thing there is. ⁴Forgiveness stands between illusions and the truth; between the world you see and that which lies beyond; between the hell of guilt and Heaven’s gate.

Across this bridge, as powerful as love which laid its blessing on it, are all dreams of evil and of hatred and attack brought silently to truth. (A Course in Miracles, W-134.9:1–11:1. See also ACIM Lesson 134 Insights.)

Forgiveness is the bridge to truth. It is the bridge from fear and hate to Love and innocence. In truth, where all is one, forgiveness is not needed. But in the dream of separation, forgiveness is the means to awaken from the dream.

The dream is held in place with judgment. Perceptions of “another,” different from itself is believed to be normal and necessary for survival. Judgment as defense is deemed necessary to protect our fragile identity. Forgiveness looks upon perception as meaningless and sees beyond it to the true meaning of Love, the only Reality.

Today we practice asking the Holy Spirit to help us look beyond appearances to awareness of Love’s presence everywhere and always. In this awareness we know we are safe, innocent and loved. We are grateful to be part of our Creator’s eternal extension of Himself.

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