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The Call to Remember Love

All fear is past and only love is here.

All fear is past, because its source is gone, and all its thoughts gone with it. Love remains the only present state, whose Source is here forever and forever. Can the world seem bright and clear and safe and welcoming, with all my past mistakes oppressing it, and showing me distorted forms of fear? Yet in the present love is obvious, and its effects apparent. All the world shines in re­flection of [Love’s] holy light, and I perceive a world forgiven at last.

Father, let not Your holy world escape my sight today. Nor let my ears be deaf to all the hymns of gratitude the world is singing underneath the sounds of fear. There is a real world which the present holds safe from all past mistakes. And I would see only this [present] world before my eyes today. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 293, W-pI.293. See also ACIM Lesson 293 Insights.)

The ego’s “presence” in our mind depends on our decision to retain the past in our mind. Only formless Love exists in the eternal now. The ego depends on the past for all our judgments and perceptions. The images we see in the world are constructed from our beliefs about the past. But no matter how real these images seem, they are not real and therefore have no effect on our true Self, God’s extension of His Love.

Our fears are all constructed out of memories of past experiences. These experiences are always about interactions between forms — our identity interacting with someone else’s identity, which the ego associates with the body. But Love has no form. To believe a form is real, we must deny the reality of Love. That is why the world we see is a loveless world.

Because fear is the opposite of Love, the world is loveless. Though the world we see seems to be all there is to experience, the Love we are remains with us. It calls to us to remember Love, to remember we are God’s Son. It is this call that leads us to search for what we feel is missing, though we may not realize it is Love we are we search for.

We answer this call of our heart by choosing to step back and return to our peaceful mind every day. Each time we open to the peace within, we strength our awareness of Love’s Presence. The more we practice this throughout the day, the happier our life experience will be, for we remember God, Who is happiness.

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