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The Christ in You Sees Only Truth

The Christ in you is very still. He looks on what He loves, and knows it as Himself. And thus does He rejoice at what He sees, because He knows that it is one with Him and with His Father. Specialness, too, takes joy in what it sees, although it is not true. Yet what you seek for is a source of joy as you conceive it. What you wish is true for you. Nor is it possible that you can wish for something and lack faith that it is so. Wishing makes real, as surely as does will create. The power of a wish upholds illusions as strongly as does love extend itself. Except that one deludes; the other heals.

There is no dream of specialness, however hidden or disguised the form, however lovely it may seem to be, however much it delicately offers the hope of peace and the escape from pain, in which you suffer not your condemnation. In dreams effect and cause are interchanged, for here the maker of the dream believes that what he made is happening to him.

Where could your peace arise but from forgiveness? The Christ in you looks only on the truth, and sees no condemnation that could need forgiveness. He is at peace because He sees no sin. Identify with Him, and what has He that you have not? He is your eyes, your ears, your hands, your feet. How gentle are the sights He sees, the sounds He hears. How beautiful His hand that holds His brother’s, and how lovingly He walks beside him, showing him what can be seen and heard, and where he will see nothing and there is no sound to hear. (A Course in Miracles, T-24.V.1:1-2:2;3. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

What do I really want? We answer this question in every moment. If we want a special identity, different from anyone else, we will seem to have it, but only in dreams. Only the oneness of Love is real. Love gives equally to all. When we choose specialness, we blind ourselves to Love’s oneness. Separation and oneness cannot co-exist.

The dream of specialness is fraught with conflict because it is maintained through condemnation. Seeing anyone or anything as different condemns them to the dream of lovelessness along with ourselves. We cannot find peace in this dream.

Peace comes through forgiving the wish for specialness. Forgiveness opens our mind to the vision of Christ, our true Self. He is the Self that remembers our unbreakable unity with our Creator. This Self sees everyone as one with us. There is no conflict nor condemnation in Love.

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