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The Curriculum to Remember Love

You have learning handicaps in a very literal sense. There are areas in your learning skills that are so impaired that you can progress only under constant, clear-cut direction, provided by a Teacher Who can transcend your limited resources. He becomes your Resource because of yourself you cannot learn. The learning situation in which you placed yourself is impossible, and in this situation you clearly require a special Teacher and a special curriculum.

You do not know the meaning of love, and that is your handicap. Do not attempt to teach yourself what you do not understand, and do not try to set up curriculum goals where yours have clearly failed.

Resign now as your own teacher. This resignation will not lead to depression. It is merely the result of an honest appraisal of what you have taught yourself, and of the learning outcomes that have resulted. Under the proper learning conditions, which you can neither provide nor understand, you will become an excellent learner and an excellent teacher. But it is not so yet, and will not be so until the whole learning situation as you have set it up is reversed.

Your learning potential, properly understood, is limitless because it will lead you to God. You can teach the way to Him and learn it, if you follow the Teacher Who knows the way to Him and understands His curriculum for learning it. The curriculum is totally unambiguous, because the goal is not divided and the means and the end are in complete accord. You need offer only undivided attention. Everything else will be given you. For you really want to learn aright, and nothing can oppose the decision of God’s Son. His learning is as unlimited as he is. (A Course in Miracles, T-12.V.5:1-4;6:1-2;8:3-9:7. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The ego is the denial of our oneness with Love. It teaches that we exist as a separate identity, distinct and alone. This sense of being alone leaves us feeling lacking and motivates us to seek for the Love that is missing. The ego offers an answer to the search, but what it offers does not satisfy because it does not know what Love is. So the ego always guides us to seek but not find the Love we search for. The fact that we seem to exist in a world of separate individuals, separate forms, shows that we have accepted the ego’s teaching. Its time to fire the ego as our teacher.

We have been given a Teacher Who knows what Love is. He is not handicapped by belief in the ego. We fire the ego as our teacher by giving our full attention to the Holy Spirit. He offers us a curriculum that guarantees we will find the Love we seek because He knows what Love is.

The reversal of the ego’s curriculum is accomplished by our dedication to following only our inner Teacher, Whose sole mission is to teach us the meaning of Love. This lesson is not defined by words, though words may be used to give us direction. They lead to the experience of limitless oneness with all that is Real. They lead to the certainty of Love’s strength and the joy of the eternal flow of Love. In the Light of Love the ego fades into the nothingness from which it came.

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