Daily Inspiration

The Foundation for Our Loving Thoughts

‘God is the Mind with which I think’ holds the key to what your real thoughts are. They are nothing that you think you think, just as nothing that you think you see is related to vision in any way.

Under all the senseless thoughts and mad ideas with which you have cluttered up your mind are the thoughts that you thought with God in the beginning. They are there in your mind now, completely unchanged. They will always be in your mind, exactly as they always were. Everything you have thought since then [in time] will change, but the Foundation [Mind of God] on which it rests is wholly changeless.

Here is your mind joined with the Mind of God. Here are your thoughts one with His. For this kind of practice only one thing is necessary; approach it as you would an altar dedicated in Heaven to God the Father and to God the Son. For such is the place you are trying to reach. …this is no idle game, but an exercise in holiness and an attempt to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

…repeat ‘God is the Mind with which I think’ throughout the day to appreciate your mind’s holiness. Stand aside, however briefly, from all thoughts that are unworthy of Him Whose host you are. And thank Him for the Thoughts He is thinking with you. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 45, W-pI.45.1:1-2;7;8:2-5,7;9:2-4. See also ACIM Lesson 45 Insights.)

The thoughts we think with God are thoughts of Love. They are thoughts expressing the unity of Love which joins us with the Love in every brother and God.

The split mind that accepts separation can seem to have thoughts, but they are only hallucinations. They are expressions of the denial of Love’s oneness. They seem to shift and change moment to moment. There us no stable foundation in the thought system of separation. Beneath those hallucinations is the changeless Foundation of the Mind of God.

The repetition of today’s idea reminds us of the perfect stability of the changeless Mind of God. Here we find peace, for what is changeless can never be disturbed. Here we find happiness, for joy comes when our thoughts express the Love of God. Our hearts are filled with gratitude.

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