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The Journey of Awakening to Our True Self

[“Love created me like itself”] is a complete and accurate statement of what you are. This is why you are the light of the world. This is why God appointed you as the world’s savior. This is why the Son of God looks to you for his salvation. He is saved by what you are.”

…think about your reality and its wholly unchanged and unchangeable nature. …[examples]:

Holiness created me holy.
Kindness created me kind.
Helpfulness created me helpful.
Perfection created me perfect.

Any attribute which is in accord with God as He defines Himself is appropriate for use. We are trying today to undo your definition of God and replace it with His Own. We are also trying to emphasize that you are part of His definition of Himself.

You need to hear the truth about yourself as frequently as possible, because your mind is so preoccu­pied with false self-images. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 67, W-pI.67.1:1-5;2:1,3-9;5:2. See also ACIM Lesson 67 Insights.)

Love is one, changeless and limitless. Our true Self is Love with all Its attributes. The image we have accepted of ourselves as a body is clearly not changeless, limitless nor one with all. This image cannot be real because only Love is real.

Our salvation from the body in the world comes with letting go of our belief that the body and the ego thought system of separation is our identity. Letting go of this mistaken belief seems frightening because it seems that it would be the end of our existence.

The teachings of the Course involve two facets: It needs to help us accept the Love that is our Identity. Simultaneously it teaches us what the ego is and the price we pay in pain, suffering and fear by believing that the body is our identity and separation is real. It is a gentle process that we each take at our own pace. God’s Voice will never lead us into increased fear.

But as we learn that we do not want to pay the price that separation and specialness offer, we freely withdraw our investment in this false identity. Gradually we accept the Love we are and invest in it by giving Love. Our life experience shifts from fear and guilt, anger and depression, to increasing peacefulness, happiness, compassion and helpfulness. It is a journey of awakening to Love.

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