Daily Inspiration

The Key to Awakening to Love

If you are as God created you, then there has been no separation of your mind from His, no split between your mind and other minds, and only unity within your own [mind].

The healing power of today’s idea [I am as God created me] is limitless. It is the birthplace of all miracles, the great restorer of the truth to the awareness of the world.

I am as God created me. His Son can suffer nothing. And I am His Son.

Then, with this statement firmly in your mind, try to discover in your mind the Self Who is the holy Son of God Himself.

Seek Him within you Who is Christ in you, the Son of God and brother to the world;

You are as God created you. Today honor your Self. …Deep in your mind the holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgment as you. And you are lost and do not know yourself while He is unacknowledged and unknown.

Seek Him today, and find Him. He will be your Savior from all idols you have made. For when you find Him, you will understand how worthless are your idols, and how false the images which you believed were you. Today we make a great advance to truth by letting idols go, and opening our hands and hearts and minds to God today. (, A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 110, W-pI.110.4:2-3:2;6:2-8:1;9:1-2,4-5;10. See also ACIM Lesson 110 Insights.)

Every experience of suffering, sadness, guilt and fear is a result of believing we are not as God created us. It is a result of believing we are disconnected from God, our Source of strength, Love, peace and happiness. We have convinced ourselves that we are a false image that denies the Reality of the Self we are — God’s Son.

This self-hypnosis needs to be undone for us to find the peace and happiness, the certainty of changeless Love, that is our true state of Being. This undoing process is helped by the repetition of today’s idea: I am as God created me. Our ego-mind would try to convince us we are fantasizing when we make this claim. That is the only way a fantasy can try to defend itself.

The repetition of this idea will loosen the grip of the ego’s fantasy and make way for the truth of our one Self to be recognized. It is bringing the Light of Love to shine away the darkness of the ego’s denial of Love. It is a path of awakening from the dream of separation to the reality that we are God’s Son.

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