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The Key to Reversing Our False Beliefs

²What God did not create does not exist. ³And everything that does exist exists as He created it. ⁴The world you see has nothing to do with reality. ⁵It is of your own making, and it does not exist.

[God did not create a meaningless world] is another step in learning to let go the thoughts that you have written on the world, and see the Word of God in their place. …⁶Our direction is toward perfect safety and perfect peace.

With eyes closed, think of all the horrors in the world that cross your mind. ²Name each one as it occurs to you, and then deny its reality. ³God did not create it, and so it is not real. ⁴Say, for example:

⁵God did not create that war, and so it is not real.
⁶God did not create that airplane crash, and so it is not real.
⁷God did not create that disaster [specify], and so it is not real.

“Suitable subjects for the application of today’s idea also include anything you are afraid might happen to you, or to anyone about whom you are concerned.”

“²These things are part of the world you see. ³Some of them are shared illusions, and others are part of your personal hell. ⁴It does not matter. ⁵What God did not create can only be in your own mind apart from His. ⁶Therefore, it has no meaning.” (A Course in Miracles, W-14.1:2-5;3:1,6;4:1–5:1;6:2-6. See also ACIM Lesson 14 Insights.)

This lesson prepares our mind for healing of our false beliefs. As we can accept that the body and what we perceive with its senses are not real, we leave room for truth to enter our mind. The truth is the opposite of what we see in this world.

Our true Self dwells in the oneness of Love. Here there are no differences, no loss nor harm, only the joyous eternal extension of Love. This is our real Life.

We have been given the Holy Spirit to help us reverse our thoughts and beliefs. This reversal sets us free from the body’s limitations and the fear and guilt that come with believing this world is real. We are grateful that we have the means to awaken to the Life we live in Love.

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