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The Only Meaningful Use of Time

Reality is never frightening. ³It is impossible that it could upset me. ⁴Reality brings only perfect peace. ⁵When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up. ⁶The illusions are upsetting because I have given them reality, and thus regard reality as an illusion. ⁷Nothing in God’s creation is affected in any way by this confusion of mine. ⁸I am always upset by nothing.

I see only my own thoughts, and my mind is preoccupied with the past. ³What, then, can I see as it is? ⁴Let me remember that I look on the past to prevent the present from dawning on my mind. ⁵Let me understand that I am trying to use time against God. ⁶Let me learn to give the past away, realizing that in so doing I am giving up nothing. (A Course in Miracles, W-52.1:2-8;3:2-6. See also ACIM Lesson 52 Insights.)

Time is a measure of change. But Love is eternal and changeless. There is no need to measure time when there is no change. Our true Self is Love and nothing else. Being an extension of Love, forever one with It, our true Self is changeless and eternal.

In every now moment, we have the option to let go of the past we have carried in our split mind and welcome changeless Love. We let go of the false image and accept the timelessness of our true Self. This is what forgiveness does. It is the only meaningful use of time in the dream. It leads to awakening to the truth that we are changeless Love, along with every brother.

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