Daily Inspiration

The Process of Awakening to Love

I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.

My gratitude permits my love to be accepted without fear. ²And thus am I restored to my reality at last. ³All that intruded on my holy sight forgiveness takes away. ⁴And I draw near the end of senseless journeys, mad careers and artificial values. ⁵I accept instead what God establishes as mine, sure that in that alone I will be saved; sure that I go through fear to meet my Love.

Father, I come to You today, because I would not follow any way but Yours. ²You are beside me. ³Certain is Your way. ⁴And I am grateful for Your holy gifts of certain sanctuary, and escape from everything that would obscure my love for God my Father and His holy Son. (A Course in Miracles, W-298. See also ACIM Lesson 298 Insights.)

It is impossible to be grateful for what we judge against. The wish for specialness is a judgment against the oneness of God’s Love. When we align with the ego thought system, the thought of separation, we do not welcome God’s Love. The belief in separation is manifested in the dream as images perceived as forms, personalities and time, that maintain our wish for specialness.

Forgiveness of the dream is a process. Each time we let go of a judgmental thought, we take a step toward the release that forgiveness brings. As we continue this practice, we begin to realize that we are forgiving the central belief that separation is real. The Love we are is eternally united with the Love in every brother. Together we are united with the Love of our Father. Our gratitude for God’s Love increases as we walk toward accepting His Love.

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