Daily Inspiration

The Source of Our Completion

All idols of this world [of separation] were made to keep the truth within from being known to you, and to maintain allegiance to the dream that you must find what is outside yourself to be complete and happy. It is vain to worship idols in the hope of peace. God dwells within, and your completion lies in Him. No idol takes His place. Look not to idols. Do not seek outside yourself.

The fear of God is but the fear of loss of idols. It is not the fear of loss of your reality. But you have made of your reality an idol, which you must protect against the light of truth. And all the world becomes the means by which this idol can be saved.

It is not so. Salvation seeks to prove there is no death, and only life exists. The sacrifice of death is nothing lost. An idol cannot take the place of God. Let Him remind you of His Love for you, and do not seek to drown His Voice in chants of deep despair to idols of yourself. Seek not outside your Father for your hope. (A Course in Miracles, T-29.VII.6.1;9:6-9;10:1-6. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The ego is dissatisfied with God’s gift of everything that is real. It is the wish to have more than everything. Because this is impossible, it has made up a world of empty images that appear to offer what the ego wants. Because the ego’s wish cannot be fulfilled in reality, the ego believes it is incomplete. So it makes up empty images that it imagines will complete it. Yet each time it seems to obtain an idol it thinks will complete it, its emptiness leaves the ego unfulfilled. This puts the ego on an endless quest of seeking outside of it for what cannot be found outside.

The Source of real completion is within. Our true Self remains completed in God. And God’s completion is His Son, the one Self we share with all our brothers. We have not lost this Self nor our unity with God. Joining with the ego’s quest has merely made us unaware that we are already complete and whole in the Love of God.

Today we affirm: I accept God’s Love is mine. I accept His peace and His joy, remembering these gifts are His Will for me.

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