Daily Inspiration

The Tranquility of Changeless Love

The stillness of the peace of God is mine.

Perhaps we are now ready for a day of undisturbed tranquility. ²If this is not yet feasible, we are content and even more than satisfied to learn how such a day can be achieved. ³If we give way to a disturbance, let us learn how to dismiss it and return to peace. ⁴We need but tell our minds, with certainty, “The stillness of the peace of God is mine,” and nothing can intrude upon the peace that God Himself has given to His Son.

Father, Your peace is mine. ²What need have I to fear that anything can rob me of what You would have me keep? ³I cannot lose Your gifts to me. ⁴And so the peace You gave Your Son is with me still, in quietness and in my own eternal love for You. (A Course in Miracles, W-273. See also ACIM Lesson 273 Insights.)

Even though our schedule for today may be filled with many busy doings, we can still have a day of peaceful tranquility. It’s not what seems to happen in the world, it’s how we perceive it. If we use Christ’s vision from our peaceful center within, we will perceive every moment as an opportunity to extend Love. Love brings peace with it. It sees no adversaries or conflict; only itself reflected back to it.

Christ’s vision comes when we forgive the wish for specialness and differences. With forgiveness, the presence of Love everywhere is recognized. We see that we dwell in Love along with all our brothers. Our days become joyous and peaceful. Nothing can disturb the tranquility of changeless Love. And we give thanks.

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