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The Use of Time That Brings Peace

Prayer is a way to true humility. And here again it rises slowly up, and grows in strength and love and holiness. Let it but leave the ground where it begins to rise to God, and true humility will come at last to grace the mind that thought it was alone and stood against the world. Humility brings peace because it does not claim that you must rule the universe, nor judge all things as you would have them be. All little gods it gladly lays aside, not in resentment, but in honesty and recognition that they do not serve.

Illusions and humility have goals so far apart they cannot coexist, nor share a dwelling place where they can meet. Where one has come the other disappears. The truly humble have no goal but God because they need no idols, and defense no longer serves a purpose. Enemies are useless now, because humility does not oppose. It does not hide in shame because it is content with what it is, knowing creation is the Will of God. [Humility’s] selflessness is Self, and this it sees in every meeting, where it gladly joins with every Son of God, whose purity it recognizes that it shares with him. (S-1.V.1-2)

The recognition that we do not know what anything means is essential to moving up the ladder of prayer. It is our mistaken belief that we are separate and alone that blocks us from accepting our innate unity with the Love that joins us with every brother and our Creator.

Pausing before we act on any perception to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help opens our mind to joining in Love instead of separating. This needs to be a daily practice. It is the only use of time that will bring us peace. It relieves us from the burden of analyzing and evaluating anything in the world.

On our own we can only judge based on past experience. But the past is illusion. Illusions cannot show us the Truth. Only the Truth will bring us peace and happiness because Truth is the Will of God, and Truth is our will as well. Humility opens our mind to inspiration that heals and forgives. It helps us be truly helpful in the present moment.

Today let us practice humbly asking for Christ’s vision to guide us.

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