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There Is No Substitute for God’s Love

³The Holy Spirit takes you gently by the hand, and retraces with you your mad journey outside yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety within. ⁴He brings all your insane projections and the wild substitutions that you have placed outside you to the truth. ⁵Thus He reverses the course of insanity and restores you to reason.

In your relationship with your brother, where He has taken charge of everything at your request, He has set the course inward to the truth you share. ²In the mad world outside you nothing can be shared but only substituted, and sharing and substituting have nothing in common in reality. ³Within yourself you love your brother with a perfect love. ⁴Here is holy ground, in which no substitution can enter, and where only the truth in your brother can abide. ⁵Here you are joined in God, as much together as you are with Him. ⁶The original error has not entered here, nor ever will. ⁷Here is the radiant truth, to which the Holy Spirit has committed your relationship. ⁸Let Him bring it here, where you would have it be. ⁹Give Him but a little faith in your brother, to help Him show you that no substitute you made for Heaven can keep you from it. (A Course in Miracles, T-18.I.8:3–9:9. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

God created His Son eternally united with Himself. This unbreakable link joins us also with every brother. We are forever united as one in God’s Love. In this unity we are perfectly safe. This is our Reality.

This does not seem to be our reality because we have accepted the ego’s substitute world where separation is believed to be real. Our unquestioned belief in the ego’s substitute makes bodies seem real and death our ultimate end. But this substitute is not real. By definition, substitutes are not the original. The truth of our Origin is hidden by the ego’s substitutes, but It is not lost. We have the Holy Spirit to gently guide us out of the quagmire of ego substitutions back Home to awareness of the Love we are.

Today we welcome the Holy Spirit’s guidance, for we would return Home to the peace of God.

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