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Uniting with the Eternal Flow of Love

A major learning goal this course has set is to reverse your view of giving, so you can receive. ²For giving has become a source of fear, and so you would avoid the only means by which you can receive. ³Accept God’s peace and joy, and you will learn a different way of looking at a gift. ⁴God’s gifts will never lessen when they are given away. ⁵They but increase thereby.

As Heaven’s peace and joy intensify when you accept them as God’s gift to you, so does the joy of your Creator grow when you accept His joy and peace as yours. ²True giving is creation. ³It extends the limitless to the unlimited, eternity to timelessness, and love unto itself. ⁴It adds to all that is complete already, not in simple terms of adding more, for that implies that it was less before. ⁵It adds by letting what cannot contain itself fulfill its aim of giving everything it has away, securing it forever for itself.

Today accept God’s peace and joy as yours. ²Let Him complete Himself as He defines completion. ³You will understand that what completes Him must complete His Son as well. ⁴He cannot give through loss. ⁵No more can you. ⁶Receive His gift of joy and peace today, and He will thank you for your gift to Him. (A Course in Miracles, W-105.3–5. See also ACIM Lesson 105 Insights.)

God’s Love is one and limitless. The nature of Love is to extend, to give and receive in full cycle. If there is an attempt to limit receiving or giving, Love is denied. To join in the joyous extension of God’s Love, we must accept His gift and share it. This brings with it God’s joy and peace, for we are accepting Him and His Creation, our true Self.

God created His Son worthy of His Love. To believe we are unworthy to receive It, to think we must do anything to deserve it, is to reject His Love. God places no qualifications on His Creation. It is His Will that all His Creation remain one with Him eternally. Likewise, no brother needs do anything to qualify for God’s Love. Any attempt to judge a brother is an attempt to limit Love. It denies God’s Love.

Our role as God’s Son is to accept His Love and extend It by joining with the Love that is every brother. In the dream, we move toward completing that function by forgiving the barriers we have guilt against Love’s completion by seeking specialness instead of uniting with the eternal flow of Love.

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