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Using Perceptions to Heal Our Minds

It is surely obvious that if you can be attacked you are not invulnerable. ²You see attack as a real threat. ³That is because you believe that you can really attack. ⁴And what would have effects through you must also have effects on you. ⁵It is this law that will ultimately save you, but you are misusing it now. ⁶You must therefore learn how it can be used for your own best interests, rather than against them.

Because your attack thoughts will be projected, you will fear attack. ²And if you fear attack, you must believe that you are not invulnerable. ³Attack thoughts therefore make you vulnerable in your own mind, which is where the attack thoughts are. ⁴Attack thoughts and invulnerability cannot be accepted together. ⁵They contradict each other.

…you always attack yourself first.

…vulnerability or invulnerability is the result of your own thoughts. ²Nothing except your thoughts can attack you. ³Nothing except your thoughts can make you think you are vulnerable. ⁴And nothing except your thoughts can prove to you this is not so. (A Course in Miracles, W-26.1:1–3:1;4. See also ACIM Lesson 26 Insights.)

A key message of the Course is that the world we see a projection of our own mind. This fact is the basis for either maintaining our identification with a false image of ourselves or releasing ourselves from this limiting self image to return to what we are in truth. Our projections reveal what we believe about ourselves. The fact that beliefs can be changed means that we can free ourselves from our misidentification.

While we identify with the ego and an image of a body, we need help from beyond this closed thought system to be freed from our self-made prison. This Help is the Holy Spirit, God’s Voice in our mind. He is our inner Teacher capable only of teaching the truth. With His help we can unlearn the lessons we have accepted from the ego that we are weak, vulnerable and capable of being harmed or harming.

The practice of being mindful of our perceptions with awareness that they are projections from our mind makes the world a classroom. When we choose the Holy Spirit as our Teacher, the world classroom is used to teach us to overlook the images of the world. He shows us the Light of Love That we are. The images fade into the background as we give precedence to the Light. Our attention shifts from focusing on form to accepting the Light of Love that is our Reality.

Today we can use our perceptions as lessons in Love by paying attention to our inner Teacher.

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